The National Companies group

The National Company group are located in Alexandria, Egypt; that are owned by Mr. Gamal Hamada, (Chairman).
The group has taken a great position in local and international market during quality and cost.
The company had originally emerged as a trading business importing and marketing pesticide products locally.
The group has owned various industry technics from packing, formulation analysis and synthesis of active ingredient, In addition to unit of water treatment as well as unit of air observation.When there is a need for the Egyptian market to agricultural fertilizers was the establishment of the National Company for Fertilizers and Chemicals in 2010,
Now Agrochem is one of the leading companies in Agrochemical industries in the Middle East

The group consists of six companies as follows

-The National Company for Agrochemicals and Investment

-The National Company for Fertilizers and Chemicals

-The National Company for Agrochemicals

-Alexandria National Company for Real Estate Investment

-The National Company for Agrochemicals Productions ( under construction )

-National Company for Cement Production ( under construction )